215# A Review of Summative Assessment 2

215# A Review of Summative Assessment 2

Thank God for giving me the intelligent to answer what i supposed to. Thanks to all of my batch mates for all the help in my studies. And thanks to myself for getting through this.

That was the very first exam i had, which i could sleep on the night before. Usually i suffer from insomnia due to the tension faced before exam. I slept from 11pm until 5.20am, which was a very good sleep... 6 hours plus.

Could answer most of the questions. Because i already know that this exam is counted, so i studied as hard as i could. For the first exam, i didn't know it was counted, so i was too relaxed and did not study much. Other than regret, what i could do was just study in order to backup my failure.

Somehow i did a lot of careless mistake. Anterograde amnesia and Retrograde amnesia's meaning i got it reveresed. I did not know the endocrine gland at the middle of the chest is a thymus... Damn, it was not even shown in the books, only in lecturer's presentation's slide... Anyway, i hope i can score in this paper.

After the summative paper, i stayed back for my english final test. ya, lots of them surprised that i go for english class. Well, i just need to. Was too hungry, so i answered very fast, and left the hall after 30 minutes. should stay for 1.5 hours for the paper supposedly. Whatever, hope i can pass and no need to attend english class on next semester...

Once i finished eating my brunch, dashed to the computer lab straight away to do my AIR (Assigned independent Reading) topic. As i could expect, my batch mates all were there doing it. That day was the deadline for the assignment's submittion. And we all were like rushing to party after exam, so just tried to do and submit it as soon as possible.

Went DoTA after that. As usual, got farmed like Hell. I'm not an experienced gamer, but type of experienced in kena bully. People all never give face and just farm like nobody's business. I don't mind that, or else i can't learn. Just that i dislike a fella there in our game, non imu student, who was very rude. Didn't expect such a person in KL, felt like grapping an ash tray and bang on his dickhead...

Man, i feel so bored over here. Friends around are all working. Non working friends are all KL, PJ-ians. If want to hang out with them i'd need to travel for hour. I've no close friends around to lepak nowadays. Not really close to them since i'm a student and most of them being some sort of gangster...

You might feel weird why did i edited the previous posts, all became blank. Well, just wanted to stop all the counter-fire around. I don't wish people to spit over here.

If you feel like reading those, you shall find the way...

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