214# About my area, Part 4

214# About my area, Part 4

Sometimes, it's not that i wanted to be a racist, or prejudice at certain people. I'm indeed a racist, in the condition that if you're considering the government is a racist as well.

Everything that the people are doing here is rather destructive than constructive. A few of them are actually using the field or ground in front of their house to plant vegetables for their own use.

This saves a lot of money for them since they are mostly living in poverty, or in lower middle class. I've no problem at all in this case - I'm from the lower middle class as well so i should be considerate too.

But what they are trying to do to nourish the soil is really killin'. Opened air burning is a must for them. They're doing this almost everyday. And almost everyday the people around here are inhaling toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and some fatal gases from the result of polymer combustions.

Disintegration of leaves, branches, and organic compounds can nourish the soil? I guess so.

Besides, there are even more people burn rubbish in the opened air. And the air is even more polluted.

I was studying peacefully, sort of, inside my room just now. And a sudden rush of abnormal smell of gas attacked my nasal cavity. God must be blessing these motherfuckers for too long - they're still burning shits like nobody's business.

I couldn't do anything. But closed all the windows, and also be patient. Be very, very patient for all the things that i'm not supposed to stand.

The smoke was thick, and i couldn't even see my sister's car, which parked beside the field. About 4 metre, or less which the fire was burning. Brown smoke. Organic combustion most probably, i presummed.

Imagine this is what happened in front of your house.
Can't even clearlt see the car right there.

I did not know when my father came back from his function out there. Once i saw him in front of my room, i complaint to him that the neighbours are doing stupid thing again which contributing to the green house effect. And I thought the neighbour was burning leaves as a natural soil fertiliser, but apparently i was wrong.

My father told me that it was actually the product of God's failure, human failure motherfucker - the 24/7 cigar kling who did that (Read 212#). He just threw the cigar he sucked onto the ground and let burn things for fun. I mean, he just did it for fun and see the fire burn there.

My sister's car was parked over there! My father extinguished the fire quickly and asked that kling who did that. That kling admitted that he set on the fire. Being someone who has low threshold of temper, my father was about to rush into the house and take the bat to whack 9 him.

I have just inheritated 50% of my father's violence, because i'm a co-dominant. But if i were there, i'd probably whack 9 him straight away once i knew it.

Without losing his head because of the retarded kling arsonist, my father sounded him with human limit decible voice, called him to go somewhere else to suck his cigar.

"Ah... ku saja kasih bakar"

It wasn't the first time my father warned him that to smoke in front of my house. But that low IQ retarded kling just doens't understand malay. He will come back to the usual place and smoke again.

Sometimes i just feel like dialling 999 for the fire department, call them to put off the fire everytime my neighbours started to arson. But i couldn't. Considering the point that firemen are all natural-blind-salary eaters, they'll just settle fire cases by accidents. Maybe not complains about opened air burnings.

These 9-5 people who work under the government are sharing something in comment - The slogan. "Find less trouble, hope salary to be doubled, balik as soon as possible".

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