211# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression 2

211# The Methodology of Cortisol Supression

Chapter Number Two - KL International Motorshow 2006

Foreword : First of all, i would like to apologise to those i've offended in front of the cashier counter in PWTC's motorshow. I was such an impatient person.

I should have control my anger better, instead of using hokkien and english foul languages, extremely high voice volume, angry eyes to reflect my impatience at the cashiers. Being ffk-ed in front of the counters for trice wasn't fun. I knew they were just employees, so maybe i should did that to the manage or PIC.

Anyway, please forgive my profanity, God. I will not do that again in front of the public.

Finally me and my friend managed to get student price ticket with the price of RM5, which is one third of an adult ticket. RM5 ticket, RM3.80 STARline, RM20 fuel+toll fee to imu were really worth paying.

Motives of my visit - Cars, cars and cars... And of cause, the GT girls, so called as "ambassadors" around the cars. My other friends would sure regret for not going if i show the photo i've taken from there.

Forget about the smokescreen-thick makeups GT girls, there were few more who were really nice and good looking.

This was the first thing we saw when we entered to the first hall.

About the cars shown, Hall one to Hall 6. There were hundreds of cars shown. From Proton Lotus to Perodua, from Honda to Toyota, from Nissan to Mazda, from Mitshubishi to Huyndai, from Mini to Volkswagen, from Benz to BMW, from Volvo to Smart, from Ferrari to Porshe...

Toyota Triathon. I won this car in Gran Turismo game, but since it's a super car so it can't take part in the GT mode races. 1 gear car.

RM 2.7 million, only one ever made. Toyota Sportivo.

Honda's Concept car, Sport 4. We missed the chance to see Asimo's performance though, we were rushing back.

People always keep the best thing at last. When we were about to leave, the crew told us there were 2 more halls to visit. Once we stepped in Hall 5, the whole hall was only occupied by Honda and Benz. Dominating. Honda's Concept cars, Sport 4 and FCX. And of course, SLR McLaren by Benz...!

The sad thing was when we reached at Hall 4, my 5.0M digital camera was out of juice. Therefore the rest of the images were just taken by my little Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone...

The last hall, Hall 6. When we moved in, my friend ran like Hell. And i was wondering what was wrong. He was complaining that there was only one Lamborghini shown, too cli-breaking.

Yeah, a Ferrari.

But that moment he stepped into the final hall, for sure he would take back his words. A carpetted hall fulled with Ferrari, Porshe, M5, 7 series, Mini... That was the greatest part of the whole show! Unfortunately the chains stopped visitors from touching the cars. Well, it make sense. Million dolars cars, can't expect more.

Anyway, potetial buyers were allowed to go into the area to have physical contact with the super cars. The rest of us, spiritual contact and eye contact should be more than enough.

It's enough, i was pretty glad that i'd have such a chance to see so many sport cars within one day, with just paying a reasonable amount of money. That was really worth it. Really.

Of course, i got the chances to take photos together with the cars. Thanks to Darren!

Nissan Fairlady 350Z Roadster

Eh... A Lotus car.

Mitsubitshi Lancer Evo IX, every man's car. But not really mine.

Evo IX again.

Mitshubishi i

Honda S2000. An ex chinese pagent, someone la... Driving this car.

Ford SUV.

Herein i dedicate this photo to Wei-Jin, Nissan Fairlady! His favourite car!

The Ultimate Fairlady

This is the only ambassadors who me and darren think nice. The rest...

Jin, you can have our Fairlady, i mean the car only. Or the "Fair" only. Not the "lady" ok? Itu gua punye.

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