209# Price to pay - 3

209# Price to pay - 3

Things i do less since university started

1. Blogging

This is pretty obvious. I used to have 4 posts or more within a week. But now i'm only able to write one per week, or even less. The only reason is that the chances of me accessing blogger.com with sufficient time to blog is getting lesser and lesser. I might go online almost every weekday in university's computer lab, but just to get lecture notes, checking the tab board, rojaks, kennysia and stuffs. I've quite a lot of things to write, just that my time doesn't allow me to do so.

2. DoTA

Well, i'm not addicted to it. I'm just a casual player, who people named me as a "feeder". The worst line i've heard ever when i said i wanted to join the game. You go there for what? You feeder only. Feeder is one of the thousand technical terms used in DoTA. Literally means player who always got killed and feed the other players with gold. Yes, i think i'm correct.

By the way, while i'm typing these, the fellas are actually out there playing DoTA. I didn't know that they went to play because i was at somewhere for Music and Performance Club's meeting. Once i got back to the campus, only i knew that they all went off to play, which they sworn not to play anymore...

3. PS2

I've more interest in playing PS2 games than playing DoTA. At least i spent money on buying the console. So i must just spend more time on it. I've not touching the console for the past 2 weeks, which is a new record for me everyday. I used to play quite a lot, but since the day i received my summative result... Well, just try to cut down the time i spend on meaningless things.

Besides, i've cleared my favourite games - Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 3. And Gran Turismo 4 is still on the way, 3.9% of completion. Since my progress is so slow, i'd rather stop playing it.

4. Guitar

The last song i've learnt was Slipknot's Vermilion. And that was like in January or February of this year. Means there're 3 months i've not learning any new thing. I think my guitar is left a side with thick dust on it. I do play it sometimes, and the last time i have physical contact with it was last friday.

Sometimes i just feel lazy to play the same songs again and again. Guitar Pro 4 software is my good friend. Where i can learn from the complete scores given. But the trial version is already expired...

5. Mamak

I usually go mamak near my place with my usual friends. And of course, people only go mamak at late night. My time doesn't allow me to do so because 9pm to12am is my precious time to study. Furthermore, i'm quite sick of mamak food. There's only roti, maggi and those unhealthy, fattening drinks which i can always get from the malay stall in the campus's canteen.

6. MSN

www11.meebo.com is officially blocked by IMU's IT department. Means that we can't use MSN in the computer lab anymore. Actually i just don't feel like chatting over the computer. Having such technology to communicate with the others is kind of convenient. But at the same time, i'd prefer to use the cell phone. At least it has its mobility. If to turn the computer on, i'd not know how long my butt will stick on the chair...

How wish we could have 48 hours per day. Then we can study for 12 hours, sleep for 10 hours, eat for 6 hours, and the rest of the time - PLAY

But usually this kind of crap won't come true la...

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