446# Enden av semesteret 9, Fullført

I have never neglect this web log this much ever since 2004.

From minimum one post per week to minimum one post per month, I have no written anything in the past for the whole two months. And even the previous post was just a filler.

Anyway, End of Semester 9 exam is over and I'm taking a break off for a few days at home.

The exam was tough. Really. MEQ and OSPE were ok but I think I didn't do that well for the Long and Short OSCE. After OSPE paper, my friend already ask me to booze and yeah that's it.

The first birthday present - same since year 2006.

98.7% of us made it and we are going to batu pahat for our last semester this weekend. I haven't even shift my stuffs to there yet! To best thing is that I have not seen the house which I am going to stay for the next half a year.

Second birthday present - the handmade meow meow by yokie. Thanks a lot! My birthday is kind of sad because each of every year it falls on the day which they take our results. After that everyone is either gone back to hometown or shifting their stuffs to batu pahat.

So, a few days ago I met up with grandiose chan and my housemates to have lunch at umai-ya. It was highly recommended by yokie who is currently suffering in the land of no bah kut tea at kelantan.

RM55.4o for an unlimited ala carte order is heavenly! Food presentation, taste were good and it makes Jogoya an over-rated place. I'd say this place worth your money more. You don't get the visual joy of having tonnes of food selection in front of you, but in turn you get the comfort of ticking food off the menu and having your food served right in front of you while you are chit chatting with your friends.

I'm not a heavy eater so I'm the biggest loser when it comes to buffet. All my friends have expandable stomach so they practically skip their dinner after eating this heavy lunch.

After lunch I flew down to Times Square to grab some mechanical stuffs. Thanks to Dato Yong again for the direction...

I have corrupted grandiose chan enough and he bought more than he planned. I have somewhat quit buying gundam plastic models but I can't help to get my hands on this newly designed line - the Real Grade RX78-2. This is the first time I buy a plastic model of this bapa gundam and the first time of me buying a same model as grandiose chan. So this photo is kinda memorable.

"We don't need to meet again, I'll see you and you'll see me when we make it big" - Chan.

After this on week break, we will need to pick up our pace again for the last semester. The finish line is just right ahead of us and that's it. Half a year more to go!

PS: We're going for a BKT meeting tonight. I feel bad for you yokie :(


stinchan said...

Very interesting name you gave me..just settled down after a week of class, time to open up my bapa gundam RG !

Mike said...

Grandiose chan! Nice name huh, so grand. We're at batu pahat for a week too, i'm currently post call, plus the work out in gym the day before, i'd say i'm in both physical and mental fatigue now.. Let's revive your WISP posts chan!


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