427# Otorhinolaryngology: End

Usually I could write 3 posts before a particular posting finish. But now, the second post for the ENT posting is written as to conclude the posting. 2 weeks have passed just like that.

And while I went to make coffee in the kitchen half way typing this, I got sabotaged.

My self-declared handsome housemate's work.

I've got a consultation from my consultant regarding my allergic nose. From there I learnt that allergic rhinitis is one of the commonest complain in the ENT clinic. A biopsy could have been taken during the rigid endoscope for my nose.

A biopsy was offered by my consultant. But I wasn't sure whether he was joking or he really meant it. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma isn't no joke for me, because I'm a Chilese. I have a friend who had cancer but currently cured.

Could have been more brave and go ahead with the biopsy. But just imagine that you just wanted an advice from the consultant for your chronic sneezing problem and you were asked to do biopsy on the spot, would you? Wanted to do the biopsy on last thursday but the clinic was too busy...

A few days after that I asked him to write me prescription for my condition. So I've got loratidine and budesonide nasal spray. On top of that, amoxycillin was given too for my right thumb which had an allergic or infective reaction due to the house cleaning during the weekend.

Having said so, my compliance towards my medications are quite bad. I always forget to take them before my meals. Now I know how my patients feel.

2 weeks was just too short, I'd say 3 weeks would be better. So I only started to study yesterday after the posting ended, the very first time of me being so carefree.

In the end of the ENT In Focus book, there are some OSPE questions. One of the question is as showed above. Regarding the health hazard of playing the drums.

I'm not sure about other instruments, usage of ear plug is compulsory, especially if you want to rock out. I usually play the drums with the mp3 and the earphones are able to work as an earplug too so I have no problem with that.

But there was once when I was practicing Slipknot's song, "Sulfur" on the drums, I took off the earphones so that I could listen clearly on what I was playing.

After 20 minutes of playing without earplugs, I had a tinnitus on my right ear for the whole night - because I placed the crash cymbal at the right hand side which makes the most noise. Lesson learnt - earplugs!

By the way, I played the drums with eugene a few days ago and I didn't have enough of warm up and played the song "The Nameless" with fast snare solo. In the end I had a bruise at my right first finger.

Not that visible in the photo above, but it was quite painful.

ENT posting taught us on how to preserve our hearings, apart from the diseases of ENT.

1. Don't use cotton bud to dig your eyes.
2. Use earplugs when swimming.
3. When you watch tv with high volume, it's likely to have impacted earwax in your ears.
4. Earplug is necessary during drumming or jamming.
5. ipod is making ENT surgeons rich.

But I do enjoy ear digging, with the spade shaped metal rod though.

Dermatology is next.

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