423# 1year

Today our country is talking about 1Mal*ysia, which I have no interest in.

I'd like to talk about 1year.

It's already one year since we left bukit jalil and continue our study in Seremban.

Have been drove on the same highway again and again during that past 2.5 years. It's quite a pain in the arse to take a 40 minute drive to uni everyday.

But now I really enjoy it. Because it's shorter than to go to Seremban.

I went back to the bukit jalil campus on last Tuesday.

Simply just for fun, apart from meeting up friends for gundam shopping as well as the burger store out there.

The campus has changed so much until I couldn't recognise it.

When we enrolled, the campus was renovating.

When we leave this campus, it was renovating again!

We only get to use the campus during its renovation period.

No fancy new corners, no new facilities, no new canteens for us. We were too early for that.

We only got to walk around those areas which covered up during the renovations.

By the way, I've spotted this photo, in closed up;

Hey! I remember this corner!

1 year ago the day when we picked up our results, we went for Chillis, and then to a friend's place for more booze. After that we got high then we climbed high!

In total darkness, 4 of u, we climbed up there, with my acoustic guitar.

And in that corner, we talked rock, and played the guitar.

But now those 3 fellas have gone overseas.I'm not sure when we'll have the chance to do this again, but one thing for sure is that - I bet they still have booze all day long.

1year has passed.

1more year in Seremban.

We're almost there :)

PS: 1Country, 1Nation, 1Mal*ysia, 1nfinite 5tupidity

Happy 52!


sin yee said...

You're right. IMU BJ has changed a lot. Till the extend that it looks more than a uni now. Each time when i returned to uni after 3 months posting,i just couldn't find the nearest washroom LOL

Mike said...

walao. so sai lei meh. 3 months only also feel so strange already? the campus doesn't have me the homey feeling anymore. it's like a total diff campus to me.


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