418# Paroxysmal nocturnal applejuicetapia

The place I'm currently staying in Seremban here has free flow of apple juice from the kitchen's water tap.

I filled them up in the juice bottle, and it looked like the bottle is brand new with apple juice inside. I filled another few bottles, and slowly the apple juice got diluted and returned back to tap water.

Those two photos above were Day 1 photos. I decided to let the settle down to access the sedimentation rate.

And the below is Day 5.

Seems that the particles were settling down to the bottom of the bottle.

That is hell lot of rusted material in such small volume of water. Won't be afraid of iron deficiency then.

And this is taken during Day 11.

The water has became clearer, and the base has more and more rusted material sedimented.

I hope the water now can constantly be as clear as the water in the right most bottle.

But heard that kelan tan there they don't have apple juice, but teh kosong instead?


StarGhazzer:太空人 said...

lol apple juice...

and oh yes, kelantan's tap water supply has always been teh tarik in colour...

Mike said...

i've seen the water from kelantan in a bottle. i thought the bottle has chinese tea inside. wonder how ppl there live without water filters. and wonder what is kelantan's water supplier doing.

Yokie(PY) said...

it does not look like apple juice more like diluted apple juice.
what experiment are you trying to carry out with them?


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