411# Willame

This is a magnificent creature.

You may know him as Willame, Willie, Talk Kock King, or simply just William. Not to confuse with the ninja sensei William in our batch, not to confuse with Warcraft William Dorlands , and not to confuse with William in semester 6, this William is not from medical school.

He is currently in University Tolong (HELP), doing Pasar bercakap-cakap (Marketing communication) course.

A friend of mine since 15, and the only surviving friend whom I still keep contact with until now.

Today is William's birthday.

And as always, ever since I stepped to medical school, I don't have a chance to attend his birthday.

Good thing is that he is a very understanding fella. He is one of those friends out there who really understand my schedule. He knows that I'll fly aeroplane him last minute most of the times.

Sorry la bro. I can't help it.

A very interesting person indeed. He is the only fella who I can complain my problem too. Because we are staying near to each other, and we are not doing the same course. Of course, how can I complain to those who are having the same problems as I do?

On top of that, we share a lot of similarities among us. We like heavy metal music, we like anime, we like watching movies, we like to talk non sense, we like PS2 games, we like sushi... But I only conquer the heavy metal part, and he conquers the rest.

Happy birthday man.

See you in this coming Saturday.

Stay (sic).

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