374# Prelude - Dwali night 2008

374# Prelude - Dwali night 2008

I have attended the Dwali night in Bukit Jalil twice through out the 2.5 years when I was over there. Now, suprisingly at such a dead campus (cough cough) we have our own Dwali night here too. It was last Thursday, in JBLT, the only huge lecture hall we have over here.

We big boy already no longer learning through lectures therefore we don't have as much as lecture halls back in Bukit Jalil days.

Anyway the theme for this year's Dwali nigh was "Fusion of Laasya", I don't know what it means though.

Kolam is undoubtedly mandatory for this event. Kajen used to made
a massive ones last year, which occupied almost the whole stage of the atrium.

Now this one, kacang kecik la. For me, it would take me more than 3 hours to complete. But when I revisit it after 1 hour, it was almost complete.


The reason why we stayed until so late was because of the practice. Oh yes, now this time we took part in the performances.

We have people from Semester 6, 7, 8 and 9. Seniors from Semester 7 and 9 are having finals soon so they are busy and refused to get involved. So left our batch and semester 8 seniors. Therefore the event was severely lack of performancers and crews.

In the end, almost half of our batch mates got involved in this event.

See that, yi hei. You need help, we help as much as we could.

What to do, too little people in Seremban campus therefore we also sort of get involved. And the best thing was that they got Prof. Harwat Singh (the lecturer who taught as bone fractures during semester 5, remember?) to act in the sketch. It was so freakin' cool!


The moment when he got on stage was the highlight of the whole night.

Alright, practice, practice, and more practice. For the whole 2 weeks we stayed back almost everyday. And the second week the practice got even more intensed and we only go back home after passing Cinderella's curfew.

And the cycle goes on.

The reason why was because there were too many performances, but only one stage available at a time. Therefore every group had to take turn and practice.

Actually seeing people practice could be quite potong steam. Because you know what is going to happen on the day itself already. No more fun.

For a person who could not care much about university's event, it was a big surprise for KS to take part in the sketch. It was my fault actually, I sort of got him involved in this sketch.

Initially he selected a very minor character who has only 1 scene and 2 dialogues. In the end he chosen another character with 10 scenes and 99 dialogues.

Thus he appeared in most of the scenes and had the most dialogues and actings.

"Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape"

said Johannes Krauser II in 1 second.

That was the only time where I didn't sit back and enjoy, but rather standing on the stage or sitting beside the stage to "standby".

Because, sadly, I was part of the sketch too.

I got tricked by Thomas the director. He asked for help because he needed some more actors for the sketch and I agreed to help, but as a small role only.

But know knows the so called "small role" was the "Hero" in the sketch. Damn! I thought of acting bypasser A or bypasser B only!

KS acting during the sketch with his machine gun.

In the end, my so called "Hero" character was not main at all, but KS's one was the main instead.

I needed to scream out loud for my scenes but my controlled by volume. Because the dean was there!

Herein he stands and he points out his gun,
"I will kill you... I will freaking kill you! Argh...!!"
"Bang bang bang bang", he fires the gun with anger,
with Slipknot's "The Nameless" playing in the background.

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