231# Semester 2

231# Semester 2

I didn't feel like returning home. I felt like having more time with batch mates around before i got home. This week might be the last week for us for us to relax. From next week onwards, we will be mad by the number of lecture notes, PBL works we have.

My group for Clinical Skill unit falls on 8am. Randomly 1 day among the 5 working days. 8am was kind of normal for me since we all had our lectures at 8am to 10.30am before.

But right now, our lectures start on 10.30am, and I usually wake up around 8am. Therefore it might be hard for me to reach imu before 8am. My internal clock is yet to be adjusted according to my random schedule.

We will have patient interview again for the CSU session. Sometimes we might just get angry patient who will just bust a medical student off just like that. Before our CSU session, we had this briefing about patient interview, again. Well, i think Kelvin was a very nice example of angry patient. What a good Tuesday we had.

"Where the fark is the doctor?"

"The doctor is somewhere out there... helping some patient from car accident..."

"Means i'm not important is it?"

"No la. You are important too..."

Nice one, KS.

The reason we all picked them was because... Kelf and KS were really cool. Yes, cool.

Couple shirt.

Back to today's topic. As i said, i wanted to have fun with my batch mates. But too bad every one of them was busy for the imu cup. Went lunch with KS, chucky, tucky, ken, william and darren at Alison. 5 of them started to disucss their DoTA tournament strategy. Me and darren who are not joining the tournament felt so isolated.

Terms like Lich, CM, Vengeful, Linken, Pugna... Were spinning here and there among them. Seems like these 5 DoTA masters need to build up partnership for the tournament. Heard sem 4 people are the most pro for DoTA...

DoTA is included for imu cup. Cool or not.

I'm not joining anything for the cup. I'm neither a sporty person nor a DoTA player. I'm nothing.

Darren sent me back to campus after the lunch. We have to park our cars at the dead end road in between Vista B and Vista C. RM5 per entry at imu car park is really wtf. And guess what we saw when we came out from the car?

I think some one loves Poh Peng. But too bad he is taken.

Which Jay is this?

Darren you freaking poser.

APT hairstylists were here today for the charity haircut. Well, those wre just students. The money collected will go for charity purpose. RM8 for a haircut was really cheap enough.

I don't care much about my hairstyle. In fact, no one gives a damn on how a person's hairstyle is. I just needed to get rid of my hair's length at my back. It touched the collar too much. That would stop me from entering the CSU next week.

Seems like everyone adjusted their hairstyle and hair color in order to adhere to the CSU rules. I was shocked to see the jap kiryu in black hair. And from him only i knew that there is actually a spray too make the hair look black. Oh well, Kelvin used that during his interview to imu too.

Now my hair is enough to enter the CSU without getting warned or kicked off by the sister in there.

Frankly speaking, the hairstylist who cut for me was kind of new more than i imagined. She was too gentle and seemed afraid of stabbing the scissors onto my head. I bet you could hardly imagine the feeling of being a lab mice like me...

From her i learnt that they gone through a 4 months or 6 months course. And the 6 months course is the complete one. Well, shorter than i thought. And the hairstylist who was styling the pharmarcy girl right next to me was freaked out by the amount of money for pharmacy's tution fee.

She could hardly imagine the how much is RM200,000. She could only count to RM20,000, and she thought that was really expensive. In fact, the real amount was 10 times than RM20 k la...

Sien la... Tomorrow i will be having my last drum class for the electives. Need to submit the report before 14th. Damn. But there are bunch of them who didn't even start writing. That makes me feel safe.

Sem2's schedule is (sic).

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